About Us

Jade Powers, Mixed Media Artist

I'm  a mixed media artist who is obsessed with colour and not limiting myself to one medium.

 After losing my beautiful art centre due to the downturn of the economy, heartbroken and not knowing  which way to turn, focusing on my own art helped to heal my soul. As a  trained art therapist, I knew the benefits of creating art, but I didn't  know it would save me. 


for the love of art supplies

The fluidity of watercolours and mark making  allow me to lose control and to let the mediums create. Acrylics then  let me be the control freak I really am. It's a beautiful blending with a  give and take - creating one of a kind layers.  

let me create your vision

I love working with people to create their artistic vision. Feel free to contact me to discuss your customized art piece. It can be big and it can be small...I'm open to helping you love your piece of art.